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How is information regarding the Strategic Planning Process being communicated to all stakeholders?

  • Data/feedback is gathered from all stakeholders, upfront for consideration into the process, as opposed to reviewing the Strategic Plan, and then asking for feedback after the fact. In other words, stakeholders have the opportunity to “weigh-in” and have a “voice” from the beginning of the process rather than providing feedback after the process is complete.
  • A wiki site with notes has been created, as well as a comment/question section. Updates will be on the site within a day or two of the meeting. The wiki can be accessed through the District’s website or through its web address. As for the comments/questions, these will be collected via a Google form- the link is in two places on the site. We will post comments and questions (with answers) on the site.

What was the process and participation rate for parent input?

  • Parents have been provided with multiple opportunities to provide input into the process through the Future’s Education survey and interviews, the NSSEO survey, the Leadership Results survey, and the “Listening Sessions” - offered by the Director of Special Services. While we can appreciate that the Leadership Results survey went out to parents at the end of the school year, the survey was initiated on June 6th and concluded on July 6th. Initially, the Department of Special Services reached out to families to encourage participation through an email blast to inform parents that a survey would be forthcoming (sent to over 1200 emails). Parents received a second email with an individual link to participate in the survey. A second invitation/reminder was also attached to all IEP goal updates, which were sent home on the last day of school. For students in out-of-district placements, the same email blasts were used, and a reminder was mailed home the last week of school. In addition, during the survey time frame, Leadership Results sent three e-mail reminders, encouraging parents to participate. Email blasts, survey invitations, and the surveys were offered in English and Spanish.
  • In comparison to the Future’s Education parent survey (52 responses) and the NSSEO parent survey (117 responses), the Leadership Results survey reflected an increased parent participation rate of 284 parents or 23.5%.
  • Our preference is to obtain as much input from as many families as we can and while a participation rate of 80% would be optimal, we cannot force parents to participate - we can only provide the opportunity.
  • In working with other education programs it seems that the average participation in parents surveys is between 15-20%, and we are pleased that Arlington Heights averaged above that target by 3.5%.
  • If the Review Committee feels that it is necessary to collect additional input as they progress through the process, we will work to collect that information. It has been our experience in working with school programs that we have adequate flows of information from all stakeholders in our process as well as the other resources such as Futures and NSSEO.

What process will the committee use to communicate information?

  • The purpose of the Committee is to make recommendations, based upon the data/feedback provided by the staff and parents. Ultimately, what is recommended by the committee, will need to be approved by the Board.
  • As a member of the Review Committee, each member’s role is to digest the data/feedback provided by staff and parents, decipher what the data/feedback is saying (what it means), and ultimately make recommendations for moving forward.
  • In order for the process to work, Review Committee members need to be provided a environment where they can openly dialogue and have honest conversations while digesting the data/feedback and figuring out what it means - without having to worry about their perspectives being shared with others outside of the room.
  • Once the data has been digested and deciphered, the Committee will make recommendations that will be systematically communicated to all stakeholders.
  • This is not a closed process. Stakeholders have been provided the opportunity to give their input up front, multiple stakeholder groups have representation on the Review Committee, and information will be shared out with the community, parents and staff through the Wiki, at Board of Education meetings, and through committee members as the process moves forward. The ultimate decision-making for implementation of the proposed Strategic Plan will be made by the Board of Education when the plan is presented for their approval in May 2014.